Notes on: Experiments with Repetition

Thirty years ago I loved playing with tape loops on my old reel-to-reel Wollensak and Teak tape recorders.   Then along came all the digital possibilities!   I got hooked on digital looping with my 128k Mac in 1984 using a great little program called MusicWorks.   Now I use a Korg X-5, Unisyn, Freestyle and my Quadra 660AV.

HTML and the World Wide Web are built around some amazing repetition and looping tools.   I have begun to play with them and have used them to demonstrate how easily the power of repetition transforms our perception.   The "experiments" include images and sounds.   Some of the images are animated (looping) movies.   The sound files are all very short recordings that are altered through looping and simultaneous play with other sound file loops.

Your browser must be able to read AIFF sound files and view images.   Netscape 3.0 will do just fine.

Each file contains one or more sound files and at least one image file so they might seem a bit slow to load.   The sound files play during loading.   This can result in surprising sequences of sounds especially with the more complex experiments.   After loading is complete, you can listen to each Repetition Experiment as it was created by hitting your "Reload" button.    I hope you enjoy them.