The BMF Collections

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Flaws-related Mottos

animated face

Announce the Flaws.

Celebrate the Flaws.

Participate Unity.

Embrace Your Own Ugliness.

I Can No Longer Be Certain.

Eliminate Preconceptions.

Doing: not-disturb.


Miscellaneous Mottos

Don't waste guts.

Let go now.

The attainment of freedom is the murder of guilt.

Avoid uniformity of solution.

Extreme in no way.

The only true originality Is honesty.

Nurture and honor through expression
that which Is your true nature.

The one repetition is being.

Wherever I go, I am always here.

Everything is at hand.

What is the impulse to create?

Who is my audience?

I am truly a fool.


This is nadart.

The symbol is not the reality.


Rebuilding the Sacred.


Mottos Acquired in Dreams

Tommy Rot.

What is the Face I Knew Before I was Born?

The Beautiful Structure (a series of mottos).

The Face of the I Ching.


Adapted or Adopted Mottos

The Center of the Universe.

Something is Nothing and Nothing is Something.


Visual Mottos or Icons

The Face I Knew Before I Was Born.

The Face of The I Ching.

The Nadart Signature.

The Thought-To-End-Thought Device.


Bob's Motto Factory