Bob's Motto Factory

motto: [from the Latin muttum grunt, muttire to mutter]
1.   a sentence, phrase or word inscribed on something to indicate its use.
2.   a short expression of a guiding rule of conduct.

mantra: Sanskrit, literally "instrument of thought", a sacred text or passage.
The products of Bob's Motto Factory (BMF) are all of the above and sometimes more.


Mottos and the devising and discovery of mottos have intrigued me for decades. They demonstrate and embody the power of language. I use that power to help me focus my attention on what really matters when I really need any help I can get.

    Mottos are usually very short sentences or phrases, some as short as one word. This makes them very easy to remember and repeat. It makes them less likely to get lost and easy to take along on a journey.

    When I am philosophically puzzled or troubled by something in my life and know that I need to understand or transcend it, or when I am trying to master a particular aspect of interpersonal communication, or to live according to a particular code of ethics or behavior, I turn to the Motto Factory for help. If the motto I need is not already there, I go to work in search of one that will do the job.

    Sometimes the motto is discovered as I begin to directly confront the problem or question facing me. Sometimes the new motto surfaces by working with existing BMF mottos as tools to unravel whatever mystery surrounds me. Sometimes I do not find the motto until after I have worked all the way through the crisis and the motto becomes clear in hindsight.

    Mottos are like beacons and guides and sometimes like trophies, battle ribbons or souvenirs. A motto does not qualify as a true BMF motto unless and until it has been reduced to its essence and can be demonstrated to be useful for many different people in many different situations.


Share Your Motto
If you have any simple, effective mottos that cut through convoluted art theories or psychobabble and which have provided you with some measure of insight, creative freedom or clarity, please send them to Bob's Motto Factory for possible inclusion in The BMF Collection.


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