The Core English Poem Machine



Where It Came From

My love and respect for the power of language and speech plus my fascination with the beauty and perfection of pure chance led me to devise a means whereby they could be united. Other impulses behind the discovery of The Core English Poem Machine (CEPM) included the thrill of making secret codes and the desire to explore synaesthesia:  i.e. hearing colors, seeing sounds, tasting music, etc. The CEPM lets me play with and observe all of these at once.

    Twenty-nine years have blurred most of the details of how I stumbled into the CEPM. I do remember being convinced at some point that all I needed to do was to take a close look at the root sounds of my language and the rest would take care of itself.

    So I did. I looked at the keys to pronunciation provided in dictionaries and noted the inter-dependence of vowels and consonants.The only challenge was to simplify all of that enough to find a workable random language generator or encoding device without leaving out too much of the heart or core of the English language. Thus the name: Core English Poem Machine.

Use & Meditation

All the methods described in the various CEPM tools and charts represent only a few of the countless possibilities which the CEPM will suggest through use, and playful meditation. For instance I have wondered what a random section of daily stock reports might produce when run through the CEPM.

Have Fun! Play! Use the CEPM as a starting point for other creative adventures or to break through a creative block. I would love to see any Core English words and poetry that the CEPM brings into your life.

Take a look at what is left of the very first version of the CEPM.


The Core English Poem Machine

CEPM Resources and Examples

Making Core English Poetry