Making Core English Poetry

There are many ways to create poems
with the Core English Poem Machine.
Below is one method that uses
a deck of ordinary playing cards.


Preparing the Deck

1. Remove all kings and queens.
2. Assign the follwoing values to the remaining cards:

11 = jacks
1 = aces
0 = jokers
face value = all numbered cards
face value = all hearts and diamonds
face value+11 = all clubs and spades


Using the Deck
1. Deal an even number of cards or randomly decide how many cards are to be dealt.

2. As each card is dealt, make a note of its value according to the list above.

3. You will generate a sequence of numbers that will all be between 0 and 22.
Arrange them in pairs in the order in which they were dealt.

4. Use your sequence of pairs according to Steps #1-4 in
How The CEPM Works and you will have a Core English Poem!



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