The NFMOA Contributor's Page

The following folks all help make the Nada Farm Museum of Archetypes website.


Witnesses This website is dedicated to each and every one of the visitors, students, family and friends who, since 1984, have taken the Full Tour of NFMOA in real time and by their presence and participation have helped manifest the Epic Dream that is NFMOA.

Bugcatchers* Jonathan Dooley
Andree Kessel
Mark Rawitsch
Esperanza Surls

*These noble visitors spot and report any bugs, glitches, typos, dead links, missing links or other confusions.

Nothing Doing Keith Matheny:    holds the record for most contributions to the Nadatorium formerly known as the Sweet Nothings poem, including: "You ain't seen nothin' yet."

Jerry Spivack: "It's nothing like what I expected it to be." "Nothing would please me more."

T. Thomas of FNF 404:    For steering us to : "There is nothing new under the sun."

Gary Medina:     "Thanks for nothing."

Esperanza Surls:   "Nothing you can say....  "Nothing need be done." ...and many more.

Punch Page Richard Landon    provided the diagrams and instructions on How to Construct Punch's Swazzle.

Nick LeFeuvre    has provided numerous found and original images of Punch.

Toy Supplier Rebecca McCartney    provided a one gallon container of plastic toys which when processed at NFMOA became the Tacky Self-Portrait.

Photography Zohar Zaied, Foto Zaied, Willits, CA    photos of: "Face of the I Ching", "Rattlesnakeskin Surfboard", "Tacky Self-Portrait" and the various "Twig People."

Larry Melious, Willits, CA    photos of: "The Gardener's Dream" sculpture.

John Watrous    various photos of John Kessel.

Documentary Resources Andree Kessel    Her audio recording of the Full Tour of NFMOA has been invaluable in the creation of this website.