full size image: Face of the I Ching


The Dream of The Face Of The I Ching


I was startled awake in the middle of a dark night in 1968 by the sudden awareness that someone was in my bedroom! As my eyes popped open, I turned my head to the south and there floating about two feet in front of me was The Face of The I Ching. I somehow recognized it, although I don't think I had ever actually seen it before.

    I was both thrilled and frightened as I watched a word or idea quickly take form in its mouth. Then I realized that The Face of the I Ching was about to present me with the Truth! My heart started pounding with excitement!


At that moment, I really woke up from the dream. I was disoriented and saddened. I kept asking: "Was what I had just experienced a dream? or was it something else?"

    I reached for the notebook I always kept close by and quickly but carefully made an outline drawing of the face I had seen. Though I tried my best, I could not quite remember what it had said to me.



The Legacy of the Dream of the Face of the I Ching

That same year, I used the simple outline drawing of the face in an announcement for an exhibit of my work. In the years that followed, I would, from time to time, try to recall what that strange but compelling image had looked like and what it had said to me. No matter how many times I redrew it nor how hard I tried to recall more details about it, it was not until 18 years later when the Epic Dream began to unfold that I understood and recognized the colors that were in the Face that I had seen that night. With these colors, it was now easy to give three-dimensional form to the dream image. However, I am still waiting to remember exactly what it said.

    The strange mustache-like shape is its mouth. The small yellow ball is what the word looked like as it was taking form. I often include a small ball or sphere in the mouths of the 2 or 3-dimensional figures that I make. I do it in memory of this dream and on the off chance that I might finally remember what the Face of the I Ching said to me that night.

    So far I have made three different versions of the Face of The I Ching ranging in size from 3.5" to 18" tall. All of them are layered and painted cutouts. Someday I want to make one that will be 5 or 6 feet tall to put on the side of my house.



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