Nada Farm Museum of Archetypes
WELCOME to this work in progress based on the creative principle:

"Using Oneself As Material

This Website, just like its counterpart and inspiration in the physical world, is crammed full of objects, images, sounds, stories, ideas and experiments. The first version was constructed in early 1997 with lots of enthusiasm but not much accommodation for the long-term needs of expansion and maintenance.

The current version is comprised of two main sections:

The Museum
is an archive of almost 40 years of work with special focus on the discovery of Flaws Theory. The Epic Dream which was the genesis of NFMOA is presented along with selected examples of my work in Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, Computer Graphics, Writing, Toymaking, Film, Sound, Environment, Performance, Ritual, and the Teaching of Creativity and Personal Expression.

In addition to all the examples and discussions of my own work, it also contains an introduction to some of my Special Interests including: The Golden Mean, Repetition, Punch and Judy, Outsider Art, John Keith Kessel and Rattlesnakes.

The Studio
is where I experiment and try out new ideas, impulses and possibilities. The Studio is where I present temporary works, tests and explorations. Some evolve and become permanent, others metamorphose into something new, while still others are here for awhile and then are gone forever.

Site Map
To get a quick overview of the site and a preview of the content, go to the Site Map. It provides an index of direct links to most menus, topics, pages and images.

Because the Site Map only provides an overview of the content in the nearly 400 pages at NFMOA, use the search tool if you want to mine the depths and peek into all the nooks and crannies:

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Join me in The Garden Shed where you can quickly get to either the Museum or the Studio.

Your host,
Robert Comings (aka Boc Ging)

Say: "not art", "naw tart","knot art", "gnawed art" or "nod art."


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