John Kessel's Flaw Orgy

This story is an example of how the announcing of flaws can extend beyond the studio and even lead to a direct experience of flawspace.


One rainy day in the Fall of 1968 or maybe it was 1969, when I was completely immersed in the discovery of flaws and flawspace, my friend John Kessel came to visit. I spent the day explaining and demonstrating how I was using flaws in my drawing and painting and sculpture. John intuitively grasped and responded to the method. It was right up his creative and expressive alley.

    Upon his return home to Sebastopol, after several hours of driving the rain-soaked narrow country backroads from my place in Bolinas, with great excitement he wrote to tell me of what he referred to as "The Flaw Orgy" that he had experienced on his way home.

    He said that while he was driving in the rain, he was thinking about flaws and the announcing of flaws when he started to notice all the tar-patched cracks in the road and the various shapes of asphalt-patched potholes. He saw them as a beautiful set of unself-consciously celebrated flaws. He lost awareness of the passage of time and miles as he anticipated, observed and enjoyed each new "road flaw."

    Then he noticed that he was observing the road flaws through an ever-changing pattern of random raindrops on the windshield of his old pickup truck. Next he became aware of the accompaniment of the windshield wipers and then he noticed the crack in the windshield that had been there for so long he had long since forgotten about it.

    And while he saw himself being aware of the crack in the windshield, the pattern of raindrops, the faltering beat of the wipers and the constantly unfolding road flaws, he realized that during the entire trip he had been using his tongue to probe a hole in one of his teeth that had recently lost a filling!

    At that moment, he knew he was deep in flawspace and was experiencing a "flaw orgy." Wherever he turned his attention, there was another layer of flaws to be celebrated, participated and integrated into an ever-expanding unified field of flaws. John had in that fortuitous journey discovered and directly experienced the bliss that is flawspace.


In honor of this special occasion,
I prepared a strange bag of peanuts,
one of his favorite foods, as a gift.

But that is another story.


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