Truly Arcane Flaws Theory

Admittedly Tedious,
But Possibly Useful in the Pursuit of Clarity

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Shift of Consciousness

Flaws Theory hinges on a simple shift of consciousness. It is rooted in the commitment to eliminate preconceptions and to experience reality with as much clarity as possible without the often limiting and confusing filter of names.

    There is a thrill of liberation that arises when a flaw is successfully announced or embraced. When an object or image or experience is successfully unnamed we get just a bit closer to what it is like to see and experience anything for the first time again. It is a way to begin to reclaim the freshness of innocence. See Recognizing, Forgetting and Naming for more information about this aspect of Flaws Theory.

The freeing power of this simple shift in consciousness can be demonstrated just by looking at the following group of definitions. Notice your response or attitude when you read all the words that define what is meant by the idea of flaw. Then notice the different feeling you have when reading about the concept of idiosyncrasy.


Some Key Definitions

Flaw an imperfection; defect, blemish,error, deficiency, inadequacy, discontinuity, disconnectedness, interruption, weak point, shortcoming (not to be confused with a bobcomings), drawback, crude, incomplete, below par, disfigurement, deformity, injury, stain, blot, ugliness.

a structural, behavioral or personal peculiarity
[Greek: idios (peculiar) + sunkrasis (mixture) = peculiar mixture.

unusual, eccentric, distinct and particular, exclusive, belonging distinctively to one person or group.

Celebrating a Flaw
embracing, acknowledging and comprehending the "peculiar mixture" of content and history that comprises the true nature of the flawed object with the respect and gentleness necessary to ensure that the true nature of the flawed object is not destroyed, hidden or denied.   (Note: this is the tricky part of Flaws Theory.   Restraint and constant attention are strongly advised.)

The blissful emptiness that occurs when a flaw announcer successfully participates in unity with the perceived flaws and the celebration of them.   See Secrets of Flawspace for more information.


Flaws Theory in Action

The moment a flaw is perceived not as a negative quality, an imperfection, mistake or blemish but as that which is unusual and is exclusively belonging distinctly to the flawed object, the first real step toward celebrating or announcing the flaw has begun.
When we allow ourselves to think of a perceived "flaw" as an "idiosyncrasy," then each flaw becomes a key to discovering what is distinct and particular about the object of our attention. This discovery also can often reveal what is distinct and particular about ourselves as well. By studying how we perceive imperfections in the world around us we have a chance to encounter, recognize and embrace our own imperfections.


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