The Secrets of Flawspace


Flawspace is the word I have coined to describe the blissful state of mind that arises when the perceived flaws in or on an object have been celebrated or announced in such a way that three critically important conditions are successfully combined.

Those conditions are:

The sensitive and subtle acknowledgement or honoring of the unique qualities of each flaw in the announcing of those flaws.

The creation of evidence that the artist (flaw announcer) participated in the announcing of the flaws.

The unique nature and history of the flawed object is not denied or overruled in the celebration or announcing of the perceived flaws.


It is the way that these actions are combined that determines whether or not flawspace will be achieved. Humility is extremely important when applying Flaws Theory.

    When flawspace is achieved it is as if the surface becomes permeable. It is as if it is no longer a surface, but rather an atmosphere or universe and the viewer is free to float and glide through it. The sound in flawspace is white noise.

 Flawspace is all about the extremely subtle balance between creative impulse and response. Success is more likely when one loves each flaw as much as one loves oneself. Therefore, success is also much more likely for the flaw announcer who has learned to love him or herself. Remember the flaw motto: "Embrace your own Ugliness."


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