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Nada Farm Museum of Achetypes:

About The Actual Museum


The actual Museum at NFMOA is in an old redwood carriage house with a wooden floor. The 502 square foot space is an almost square room. There are four painted triptychs each 7' tall and 11' long when fully opened. They hang from the rafters and are anchored about four inches from the floor. The triptychs are each centered at respective cardinal points around the Clearing, which is a 13' diameter circle painted on the floor.

   When all four triptychs are opened, they form a closed octagon of continuous imagery surrounding the Clearing. In the center of the Clearing, aligned north and south, is a hatch cover set into and bolted to the floor. It is 6' long and 2' wide and is called the Dugout or Living Grave. In the center of the Dugout cover, which is also the exact center of the Clearing and the Museum, is a small hole. It is called The Center of The Universe. 14' directly above this hole in the floor is a hole in the roof with a trap door that can be opened with a long pole.

   The Clearing is painted the color of sand. The rest of the floor is a deep red oxide. The walls are painted a dark, wet-earth brown. When I am in the Museum I feel like I am 15 ' underground.

   Whenever I finish an object or image, I place it in the Clearing, usually right on top of The Center of The Universe. Sometimes I place the newly created works around the perimeter of the Clearing. I leave the finished works there anywhere from a few minutes up to as long as a few weeks. It is a necessary part of the process of preparing a work to leave NFMOA. It provides them with protection and is a way for goodbyes to be said.



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