Gazing at the sunset/Baying at the moon



The Story of the January 4, 1984

Epic Dream


The Dream Begins
As the dream begins, I find myself leading a group of scientists, psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, and philosophers, who are following up on the progress of an unusual experiment that had been set in motion over 100 years ago. The work had been handed down from one generation to the next. Now after many decades, they are returning to where it all began to find out what, if anything, had happened. Somehow I know how to find the place they are seeking.

   We climb a mountain from its base in the southwest, enduring considerable hardship and struggle on the way up. After a long time, we finally come upon a Clearing. (That is what I now call the central space in the actual museum: The Clearing.) As we move into The Clearing, I am suddenly aware that on my left, to the West, there is a mountain face with a cave in it, an opening. In the North, there are more mountains, perhaps some trees and running water. To my right, over in the East, is a forest with a light, a really intense light. It is either behind the forest, glowing through the dense growth or perhaps it is in the middle of the forest. In the South, there is a sense of soft red earth moving, flowing off into the horizon.

   In spite of all the amazing sights, my attention is pulled to the left, to the opening, the cave. I am instantly fascinated, mesmerized by the attraction. I want to look around and enjoy The Clearing, to rest and recover after the long climb. But I am being pulled irresistably to that opening in the West. As I move out into The Clearing, I start to face and confront that opening, and look into it.


At this point, the dream picked up in intensity and I began to encounter many amazing creatures and fantastic sights. Visit Dreamlinks if you would like to continue to explore the dream and to encounter some of the objects and images that are part of it.