Gazing at the sunset/Baying at the moon



Nada Farm Museum of Achetypes:

Selected Images from the Dream & Components of the Museum


The Directions, their attributes and artifacts

The West  
Having to do with Death, Introspection and Personal Power.  The color feeling is Black.   The main artifact of the West is Rat-Bird-Man.

The South  
Having to do with Compassion, Love and Trust.  The color feeling is Red.   The main artifact is Kanu Man.

The East  
Having to do with Knowledge and Enlightenment.   The color feeling is Yellow.  The main artifact is The Giant Rat and his companion, The One-Eyed All-Seeing Spider.

The North  
Having to do with Wisdom and Emptiness.  The color feeling is White.   The main artifact is the Temple Guardian.



Miscellaneous Components of the Museum

The Face of the I Ching
A different version of the low relief painted wood image of the Face of the I Ching hangs on each of the interior walls of the actual Museum.

The Face I Knew Before I Was Born



The Full Tour

The Dream Story