Thought-To-End-Thought device

a device to still the active mind

In the early 1980s, I was very busy. Too busy. I was a community college administrator, a member of the City Council, and active in local clubs and organizations. Needless to say, I did not make much art in those days.

    One particularly busy morning I was sitting in my office. I had been solving problems, responding to complaints, "putting out fires" all over the geographically though sparsely populated district I served. I had just hung up the phone. My office door was closed.

    As I leaned back in my chair, I closed my eyes and sighed. At that instant something wonderful happened! I saw the bright, clear image of a strange pair of glasses floating down over my eyes.

When the "glasses" were in place over my eyes, my mind was suddenly quiet.   I was able to breathe deeply and calmly. My heart slowed down. I was able to Not-Think!

    I kept the glasses on for a minute or two. I felt like I was stealing time from the intense demands of my job, but I liked what was happening and decided to enjoy it for awhile before returning to the fast paced work world. When I did open my eyes, I felt amazingly refreshed! I also felt richer. I knew I had just acquired a valuable new tool.

I did a quick sketch of the glasses image. That night at home I made an actual set that I could look at and wear. I named the image "The Thought-To-End-Thought."

Ever since then, whenever I need to take a mental time out no matter where I am, I just close my eyes and feel The Thought-To-End-Thought slowly descending over my eyes. I "see" it and study it and rest and let my mind become quiet.

    When I am finished using The Thought-To-End-Thought, the "glasses" slowly move up away from my eyes then hover a few feet above my head. It is like having a pair of special sunglasses stuck on top of my head ready to be used when needed.


See the device in action:
Portrait of the Artist (as an Umbiliform) with Thought-To-End-Thought Device in Place.


Feel free to copy and print The Thought-To-End-Thought glasses. Use the device if it works for you.

Below are the directions as they appear on the back of the original Thought-To-End-Thought device as published by NFMOA in 1984.

Use at your own risk!

Stillness occurs somewhere between
thinking about this device,
reaching for it,
pulling it down over the eyes
and finally removing it.

Practice is needed.
Repeated use will reveal the exact moment of stillness.

The device is most effective as a memory,
invisible to all except the user.

This is NADART in action!

Use at your own risk!



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