This is a close up of a multi-layered part of the north wall of the NFMOA Gardenshed. The face was originally painted in 1956, when I was 15. It was painted almost entirely with a palette knife in oils on masonite. It was an invented portrait of a redhaired, freckle faced boy that I painted for my mother, to brighten her kitchen. She gave it back to me in the late 1980's.

I brought it home and placed it on the Garden Shed wall. After several years, the oil paint began to crackle in a very fine pattern and small chips started to drop off. One day I noticed that my son was throwing rocks at the painting to knock off even more chips of paint . When he was finished, I took it down and sealed it in varnish. Then, with gray paint,I carefully announced all the places (flaws!) where chips of paint had fallen or been knocked off. Then I put the painting back on the wall of the Garden Shed and let layers of other materials accumulate.  The nose, a shiny bit of broken toy, was added by my sister during a recent visit. I stuck the old glasses on.


Garden Shed Gallery