Questions To Ask Yourself

If You Want To Know How To Make Art


For Whom Are You Painting?

Who is your Audience?

What Is The Impulse To Make Art?

What motivates you, prompts or inspires you to be creative?
Is it to see something that cannot be seen otherwise?
Is it Fame?
The smell of turpentine?
The pride of accomplishment?
Is it to impress someone?
If so, whom?

How Does That Impulse Feel?

Is that impulse common to all people everywhere?
How is the impulse to make art that is in you different and how is it the same as the impulse that is in all people worldwide and throughout history?

What Do You Really Care About?

What are your passions?
What are your loves?
What are your deepest fears?
What are your shames and embarrassments?
What do you deeply long for?

Who Are Your Artist Heroes and Heroines?

Which artists and artworks do you like the least?
Why don't you like them?
Which artists and artworks do you like the most?
What is it about those works that you admire?

Does Anyone Ever Know When Art Has Happened?

How do they know?