The D.P.I. Nada Farm Membership Card


One day in the early 1970's, John sent me my very own official, laminated D.P.I. Nada Farm Membership Card in the mail. I remember laughing out loud when I first saw it.

It quietly validated both our lives and our commitments as artists and our friendship. At the same time, it pointed out how far we had come (or not) and gently mocked the whole idea of discovery, elitist intellectuality and the seriousness with which we can take ourselves if we aren't careful.

John had declared himself the Finder of the Dada Processing Institute (D.P.I.) and I had recently claimed that my 14 acres in the woods was to be known as Nada Farm. I had not yet begun referring to all my work as Nadart, but I was very close to doing so.

I carried the card in my wallet for many years. Everytime I saw it I thought: "What if I am in a terrible accident and this heavily laminated card is all that remains for identification?" Then I would smile and be glad that I might be remembered as an official "nada farmer and member in good standing of the D.P.I."

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