John created what I always thought was one of the best conceptual pieces I have ever seen. Using a shiny stiff heavy white cardstock about 6" high by 16" long, he made a stencil of three large block letters: C - O - N.

It was a template spelling the word CON. It was titled The Con Template. He made two that I know of. My copy was signed and numbered 2/2. It hung in our bathroom for over a decade.

The experience of looking at it was always wonderfully and gently surprising. At first glance it was seen and dismissed as nothing more than a simple stencil hanging on the wall. Then when its name was read or recalled a smile would cross the face of the viewer as s/he realized that a quiet loop of actual contemplation had already begun as the viewer watched this simple paper object be transformed by his or her own consciousness. I have always admired the subtle elegance of that piece.

My copy got misplaced at some point and I missed it. So by way of replacement and in response to his Con Template , I made one of my own. I had found a bunch of interlocking brass letter templates at a garage sale. Using some of these, I made a template for the word CON. Then I took it outside along with some flour. I placed the template on a wooden boardwalk and covered it with flour, then I removed the template. The results, shown in this photograph, are Con Template In Action or A Contemplation. I had two prints made and matted them. I signed and numbered them. I sent one to John and kept this one.
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