The Paintings of Larry Kibbee


It was my great fortune during the 1980's to know Larry Kibbee. He was ostensibly a student in the Art classes I taught at Mendocino College. But due to some learning disabilities, Larry was what I have come to refer to as "fortunately impervious to art education."

    As a result, it was I who was the student. His work was always utterly honest and immediate. His paintings directly presented whatever he happened to be interested in at the moment. They often demonstrated his fascination with and near encyclopedic knowledge of the American railroad system.

    I was able to collect several of his works and have enjoyed seeing them everyday for the past 15 years. Several years ago Larry moved East a couple hundred miles, but we have kept in touch and it is my great hope that he will return to painting sometime in the future.


Kibbee Gallery
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Michelle Jacques 1982      Arapahoe, Colorado, 1984

Paper Wasps, 1984      portrait

Ironhorse      Snowfences

Larry Kibbee:


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