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The NFMOA Gallery of Outsider Art

Last update: July 16, 2000

Several wonderful collections and galleries of Outsider Art are already available online. I do not intend to try to duplicate them. You can find almost everything related to Outsider Art at Interesting Ideas or check out my Outsider Art Links and Resources page.

The artists featured here are for the most part friends, former "students" or are not available anywhere else on-line.  
Artists currently featured:

Chief Rolling Mountain Thunder

Chris Judd

Larry Kibbee

Leonard Baker


A Few Roadside Curiosities

There are a few constructions that I always look for when travelling in the heart of Northwestern California. Although they may not necessarily qualify as "outsider" art, they have a certain innocent charm.

The Cowboy

The Chief

Albuquerque Flea Market 

While not exactly fitting into the above categories or descriptions, this photo somehow belongs here.

Wanted Lady

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