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Outsider Art Links and Resources


Interesting Ideas   This is such a comprehensive set of links to everything related to Outsider Art that it is really the only link you need.

Raw Vision Magazine   This is a great magazine featuring an international variety of Outsider Art, artists, collections, collectors and exhibits. While I love seeing it, it makes me worry that soon even Outsider Art will become so mainstreamed that it will be taught as a style, method or technique and will be by definition no longer Outside.

Intuit Magazine   A neat little newsletter on its way to becoming a magazine. It is published by the Intuit organization in Chicago which has provided lots of the energy behind the increasing public awareness of Outsider Art in the U.S.

Light/Saraf Films

Filmmakers Allie Light and Irving Saraf made a great set of half-hour films on four Outsider Artists. The series is called "Visions of Paradise." It includes:

Possum Trot, The Life and work of Calvin Black
Hundred and Two Mature, The Art of Harry Lieberman
Grandma's Bottle Village, The Art of Tressa Prisbrey
The Monument of Chief Rolling Mountain Thunder

Light/Saraf Films can be contacted at 264 Arbor St., San Francisco, CA 94131



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