Prof. Will's Booklist
Prof. Will of Massachusetts has prepared a nicely annotated and fairly comprehensive list of Punch and Judy resources. You will find some duplication here of resources also listed in the Punch Booklist.
Scripts - some with introductions

PUNCH AND JUDY (The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of) illustrations by Cruikshank, Foreword by Karl B. Leabo (also notes) Theatre Arts Books, NYC 1983 ISBN 0-87830-582-3 37pgs. 10"x 10" softbound. All 24 "original" engravings, half enlarged. *Limited edition

PUNCH & JUDY -revised & compiled by Michael D. Everett, based on Collier & Cruikshank 23 engravings, additional 19th century cuts. MDE, 16 Hardwick Cresc., Sheffield S1I 8WB, UK 1993 55pgs, Pamphlet ISBN 0 90693370-6 Updated stage directions, uncredited Victorian style intro. Available from PofA #565

PUNCH AND JUDY (TTCOCTO) - from 1860 Routledge Edition with 24 Cruikshank’s, based on Collier text (uncredited), 8th publication Routledge & Kegan Paul, 39 Store St. London WCI E 7DD 1976, ISBN 0 - 7100 8199 5 58 pgs. Paperbound chapbook

PUNCH AND JUDY (TTCOCTO) - edited , Rose Fyleman; photos, Paul Henning, based on Bell 1890 (Collier & Cruikshank) Metheun & Co. Ltd. London 36 Essex St W.C.2 1945?? 40 pgs. Hard

Scripts, In Situ

in The Art of the Puppet - Bill Baird, Chapter 6 'Punch & Judy: The First Family", Act I (of three) Collier, 7 Cruikshanks, plus illustrafions.

in Punch & Judy - Peter Fraser, Van Nostrand Reinhold 1970. Edited Collier, well-drafted plans for puppets, etc.

in St. George and the Dragon/Punch and Judy - compiled by Diana John, Penguin/Puffin Books PS28C 1961-66 London & Baltimore. Version of Collier, production plans by Phillipa Gregory, Mildly Bowlderized.

In London Labor and the London Poor, Vol.3 - pgs., interview by Henry Mayhew. Most recent complete edition, Dover 1968 (facsimile)

in A Treasury of Plays for Children - edited by Montrose J. Moses Little Brown, Boston 1927 pgs.223-232. Headed by a doggerel verse written by the editor recounting Punch's history, followed by notes from the Richmond script, an early 20th century version issued by Samuei French.

Appendix to Punch & Judy - Speaight, Plays INC, Boston 1970, pgs.146-155. - text from 1854 published by Brough (“Papernose Woodensconce, Esq.”) Probably transcribed and embellished from an actual street performance. Brough also frequently appeared in "Punch", also illustrated as "The Owl.”

HOW TO DO PUNCH AND JUDY - Sydney DeHempsey - includes script 106pgs. **PofA 132 Script

PUNCH AND JUDY PUPPETS - Dryad Leaflet 148, Peggy Tearle Dryad Press, Northgates Leicester: Stuffed felt. 15 pgs. No script

PUNCH AND JUDY (Cut & Color Finger Puppet Theatre - The Greenspans Variant kid's script **PofA 496


The Puppet Theatre in America: a History - Paul MacPharlin & Marjorie Batchelder, McPharlin 1969. Plays Inc. Boston. Revised edition. Reissue in the works??

The Art of the Puppet - Bill Baird, Chptr. 6. See above

The World of Puppets - Rene Simmen Phaidon, London 1975 (Crowell NYC) ISBN 0 7290 0037 0 - pgs. 17-31, includes summary, extensive comments, 21 Cruikshanks


PUNCH & JUDY MURDERS - Carter Dickinson - Nothing to do with a real Punch & judy show, WWII thriller.

RIDDLEY WALKER - Russell Hoban Summit Press NY 1980 ISBN 0671421476, futurist novel in Invented dialect

PUNCH with Judy - "Avi” MacMillan Ny 1993 - juvenile historical novel

LAST DAYS OF MR. PUNCH, THE - Myers, D.H. McCall Pub. NY 1971 - edited from Mayhew, skewed viewpoint


Altick, R.D. "Punch", A Lively History OSU, Columbus OH 1997

Prager, Arthur The Mahogany Tree Hawthorn NY 1979 - literary gossip

Price, R. G. G. A history of "Punch" Collins NY 1957

Spielman M.H. The History of "Punch" Cassell London 1985 - great etching

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