Here are some links to sites with resources and information about Punch, Punch & Judy, Puppets and Puppetry.


The Puppetry Homepage   The most comprehensive collection of puppetry-related links.

Worldwide Friends of Punch and Judy   Learn all about the new quarterly "Around the World with Mr. Punch." This site includes a good history of Punch and a section of Punch-related art is in the works.

Punch and Judy On the Web   Who Is Punch? Where did he come from? Chris Somerville's amazing and rich site full of links, images, histories and more.... a must see!

The Punch & Judy Fellowship Home
See the growing list of Punch Professors and Punch & Judy information at this great new site and resource based in England.

About Punch Cartoons   15 great caricatures of Punch by famous artists from the History of Punch (magazine), 1895.

More Punch resources    Some Punch links in the "Puppetry Traditions of Great Britain" section of The Puppetry Homepage.

Punch Professors    Our own list of active Punch & Judy performers.

History of Puppetry and Puppet Theater    Thanks to Madison, a young Punch Page reader, who suggested this link. It is worth checking out.

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