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Video + Sound Collages by Tink N. Putter

In February 2009, I started combining my original sound collages with my own video collages, animation, and motion graphics. The visual source material includes my own digital photos, my own video footage, public domain films, and original animation and motion graphics.

The selection here are all the results of assignments I gave myself in order to learn specific animation, motion graphic, and video techniques as well as the ins and outs of combining sound with video. Hopefully there will more fully developed ideas and projects in the future after I gain some experience, skill, and familiarity with the incredible range of possibilities inherent in this medium.

To see all currently available videos and/or to view them in High Quality, go to thecollagemaker at YouTube.

Tree Shapes
The sound collage was built first.The animation was created in response to it. This project was inspired by looking at the spaces between bare winter tree branches. It explores the Puppet Tool in After Effects, the use of motion paths, and a few other animation tools and techniques.
A Painting Moment with
Henry D. Sultan
The source material for this one was a photograph of Henry D. Sultan taken at the opening of an exhibition of his work at the California Institute for Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA. The sound collage was created in response to the completed animation. The Puppet Tool in Adobe After Effects powered a lot of the animation.
Bone Kiss Fire Dance
This is built on a photo of a very old animal jawbone. The sound collage was created in response to the completed animation. The animation is primarily another exploration of the Puppet Tool in Adobe After Effects.


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